Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Fix Lever For Ironing Board How To Fix An Ironing Board With A Broken Lever?

How to fix an ironing board with a broken lever? - how to fix lever for ironing board

I have a simple and ironing board (the kind you get at Walmart / Target). Use the lever to close the Board of Directors has disappeared, and the Board of Directors is now caught in the open position. It seems that should be easy enough to put the lever into force - unfortunately I can not figure out how. Someone knows where and how to integrate this lever? Better yet, anyone know where I can find a picture of this mechanism, so you know where it fits into the controller?
Thank you!


PropReno said...

Look at the exact mechanism.
Try to find exactly what the lever of the collapse ironing board and duplicate this feature with a screwdriver.
Try the lever back to its original position.

kaonyxmo... said...

Here's a site that I documented everything. Sorting the step by step to fix the broken board, I encountered the same problem, anyone can help, everywhere (in fact I have) ever get frustrated with them for my current problem, but I found, and made the site so nobody should go through my same frustration.

Bill said...

If you have one of these stores in their vicinity, the day of garbage collection, that is a part of the collection and get another one. She would not have a hot iron on board, what do you resolve clever means to, especially with children around, and a hot iron on it. When can a price of $ 8.00, you get more. It might be better to go a little more money and get well it will take.

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